Hultafors launches a shorter, easy-to-carry version of the MST spirit level

The MST level is Hultafors’ strongest and most sensitive spirit level. The brand now launches a shorter, easy-to-carry version as a complement to the popular MST 180. Both spirit levels offer the highest precision when, for example, adjusting doors or windows.

“MST is a robust spirit level developed for work that requires high sensitivity, such as framing as well as installation of doors, windows and kitchens”, says Per Eriksson, Product Development Manager at Hultafors. “The model is now available in two lengths, where the shorter version, MST 75, is lightweight and easy to carry and ideal for measuring door frames, windows and inside kitchen cabinets. The longer version, MST 180, has three vials while the shorter has two.”

Crush-proof block vials

The new and improved MST level features crush-proof block vials that are UV-resistant and withstand temperature changes, and a +30% magnification lens and luminescent reflector for easier reading. The fluid inside is a low-viscosity oil blend that is resistant to temperature changes, ultraviolet light and static electricity.

“Another finesse is the holes to the profile that facilitates hanging kitchen cabinets on walls. You just screw the MST directly on the wall, let the cupboards rest on it while fastening, and finally unscrew the MST,” says per Eriksson.

Strong and ergonomic

MST is made from a strong aluminum profile measuring 100x25 mm and weighing 1180 g/m. In addition, the spirit level is easy to clean and comes with ergonomic handles for optimal performance.

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