Hultafors launches a complete range of snap-off knives

Hultafors becomes a complete supplier of knives when launching the new assortment of snap-off knives. The range carries 13 knives and 4 different types of blade qualities. As usual, craftsmen from different occupational categories have been involved in the development process.

"We have taken a holistic approach to the knife segment and now, as the only supplier of snap-off, utility and craftsmen’s knives on the market, we can offer a complete range of knives. Our focus has been to develop ergonomic products supporting precision work as well as more general use," says Hultafors Product Development Manager Per Eriksson .

In addition to the snap-off knives, Hultafors offers both utility knives and craftsmen’s knives so craftsmen easily can combine their favourites for varied daily tasks.

Adaptable for right and left-handed users

The snap-off knives are symmetrical, which means they can be customized for both right and left-handed users.

“Because of the design being symmetrical, it is easy to mount the blade in both directions. This way, left-handed craftsmen can adapt the knife instead of having to adapt their usage" says Per Eriksson.

Knife blades for different needs

All snap-off knives come with an all-round blade as standard set-up. Four new blade qualities are also included in the launch.

“Different tasks require different types of blades. For example, there is a big difference between cutting plastic and plaster. Therefore, we have developed four different types of blade qualities with varied strengths so that everyone can find one that fits the task they are going to solve,” Per Erikssons says.


It’s an all-round blade developed for all the common tasks, cutting boxes open, stripping cables or cutting plastic and paper in general.


A blade with extra long-lasting performance for heavy cutting.


A blade for extra precision in the cut and when the details in the end result is important.


The Non-segment blade has no perforations which gives it extra flexibility and it can withstand bending without breaking off.

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