Hultafors relaunches its digital spirit levels

A digital spirit level makes precise measurement of inclines far easier, while also minimizing the risk of error. Hultafors is now updating its digital spirit levels, and also adding an extra length.

The main difference compared to an analogue spirit level is the integrated digital incline unit, which accurately measures tilt and pitch down to one-tenth of a degree. Other units may also be chosen for the reading: mm/m, percentage, or inches/foot.

"We are proud to enjoy a close working relationship with craftsmen, and a longer digital spirit level was in fact suggested by a floor-layer working in wet rooms. The precision in our new digital spirit levels is one-tenth of a degree, so the result is as close to perfection as it’s possible to get" says Per Eriksson, Product Development Manager

Integral magnets, digital unit

The DM 60 and DM 120 levels have integral magnets, which makes them easy to attach to metal surfaces such as pipes and studs. To hold the level even more firmly in place, the end protectors are non-slip and shock-resistant. The measurement range is 360°, split into four 90° zones. The digital unit automatically shuts off after 5 minutes to save battery life.

UV-resistant vials

Crush-proof block vials that are resistant to UV light and changes in temperature. The vial tolerance is ±0.5 mm/m. Horizontal vial with a 30% magnification lens and a luminescent reflector to aid reading. The digital unit tolerance in horizontal position (0°) and vertical position (90°) is ±0.05°, while for other angles it is ±0.1°. The spirit levels are certified to IP65 and are suitable for outdoor use.

Simple checking

The spirit levels also work upside-down, as the digital display automatically adjusts to simplify checking. Furthermore, the display is backlit to make checking easier in poor light conditions, and previous measurements can be saved. An audio signal indicates when 0° and 90° right angles are reached.

D 60 – The same functionality

The model D 60 is the one to choose if the magnetic function is not needed. It offers the same functions and sensitivity as the DM model, but does not have integral magnets.

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